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Renovation Ideas For A Fully Functional Kitchen Space

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When homebuyers are searching for a home, they are mainly drawn to kitchen designs. The functionality, floor plans, and colors of the cabinets and walls all influence a potential homebuyer's decision. Since the kitchen signifies love and warmth, if your remodeling project is well-planned, it will make you feel at home. Here are some tips you should consider when renovating your kitchen.

Adding a Kitchen Island

Incorporating a kitchen island will open up the space in your kitchen. This may involve opening up the walls in the kitchen and changing the floor plan. For example, your kitchen could overlook the dining room, so you can prepare food for your loved ones while still participating in their conversation.

A kitchen island enables you to make more room for seating and laying out the cooked items. Additionally, include a workstation for your chopping board, cheese grater, butcher block, and other objects you need before you start cooking.

Paying Attention to Lighting

Lighting makes your kitchen look brighter and larger. It also enables you to prepare food safely and efficiently. The two types of lighting you should consider for your kitchen are task lighting and ambient lighting.

For task lighting, ensure you incorporate under-cabinet lighting. Cabinets create dark work areas, so they should get sufficient lighting. Also, use two light fixtures for every task area. Pendant lights will work well for counters and islands, while recessed lights will be appropriate for sinks and general preparation areas.

For ambient lighting, use track lights and flush-mounted ceiling fixtures. Dimmer switches are ideal for controlling mood and intensity.

Reserve Some Space for Future Kitchen Appliances and Remodels

If you buy new cabinets and want to retain your refrigerator, leave some room between the cabinets in case you want to replace your fridge in the future. Install panels and filler strips to cover the extra space. Consider installing shelves between the panels on top of the fridge. You could also install top cabinets. Make sure the panels and filler strips match your cabinets.

Upgrade the Kitchen Cabinets

When remodeling your kitchen, updating your cabinets should be one of your top considerations. This doesn't necessarily involve replacing the old cabinets. An upgrade may be as simple as painting the cabinets. Alternatively, you could install handcrafted cabinet pulls.

Another upgrade that is cheap and aesthetically appealing is cabinet refacing. This involves replacing the cabinets' significant features like the drawers and doors. For example, a refacing technician may apply wood veneer to the sides of the kitchen cabinets.

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