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4 Ways To Help Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

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A trade show is an excellent way to introduce a new audience full of potential customers to your company's best offerings. To successfully promote your business's product or services, it is essential to make sure that your exhibit stands out from the sea of trade show booths. Check out a few ways you can distinguish your trade show booth from others. 

1. Use Your Decor to Introduce the Audience to Your Business

With so many exhibits to check out, trade show attendees may be tempted to skip exhibits where they are unable to discern what product or service the company offers. One way to remedy this issue is to incorporate some type of descriptive element into your display.

You can erect a banner that succinctly introduces the world to your business and informs them what it can do for them. Make sure that your banner includes large lettering in a font that is easy to read.

2. Make Sure Your Company's Name Is Prominent

Attendees should be able to learn the name of your company without having to strike up a conversation. You should check that your company's name is featured throughout your display so that attendees can easily spot your booth even if they aren't in close proximity to your display. Exposing attendees to your business's name multiple times is one way to help them remember your company once they leave the show. 

3. Pay Attention to Every Detail

When it comes to your booth's decor, taking care of the small details is an effective way to ensure that your booth looks professional and put-together. If you are using linens, like table clothes or fabric draping, make sure that you iron them before the event or bring a handheld steamer with you to eradicate wrinkles from the fabric. Have a rag and cleaner on hand so that you can wipe down chairs, equipment, or decorations that need a quick facelift. 

4. Send Attendees Home With a Cool Freebie

Sending trade show attendees home with freebies serves a few different purposes. A take-home item helps the attendee remember your company and its offerings once they leave the trade show. If you give away branded items, other individuals may inquire about your company when the attendee uses the free item.

Freebies can also drive more traffic to your display. Word gets around quickly when a booth is giving away neat items. Some freebies to consider include:

  • Food or beverages adorned with your business name or logo
  • Coolers
  • Tumblers
  • Charging adapters