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Considerations When Choosing A Chandelier For Your Dining Room

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A chandelier can dress up practically any room in a home. However, the most common space for a chandelier still tends to be a dining room. If you are planning to exchange your current dining room light fixture for a chandelier, you may not know how to select an appropriate chandelier. Here are a few things that you should consider when choosing your dining room chandelier:

The Size of Your Dining Room

The girth or diameter of your chandelier should match the dimensions of your dining space. To ensure that there is a good fit between your room's dimensions and the size of your new chandelier, measure the length and width of your room. Then, simply add the two numbers together. That sum will indicate the number of inches the diameter of the chandelier should be. For example, if the dimensions of the dining room are 10 by 12, the resulting sum should be 22 feet. Your chandelier's diameter should therefore be around 22 inches to match the room size.

A chandelier that is too small can cause the room to look incomplete and poorly planned. However, a chandelier that is too large will make the room look disproportionately small. It will also overshadow your featured furnishings, such as your dining table and chairs.

The Style of Your Dining Furniture

It is important for your chandelier style to match that of your dining furniture. For instance, if your dining room furniture is traditional, such as Queen Anne furnishings, your chandelier should also have a traditional styling. If a modern chandelier is paired with a traditional antique table set, the light fixture will likely detract from the room.

If you are starting from scratch with your dining room décor, be sure to determine your room style prior to starting your search for the chandelier. Shabby chic styles tend to look great with antique sconces and dangling crystals. Modern decor is often paired well with chandeliers that have a black base and architectural lines.

The Dominant Colors of Your Dining Space

When choosing the chandelier, you should also consider the wall colors and other dominant tones in your dining space. If a chandelier includes colorful light shades, it will be important for the shades to complement the other colors already present in the room. Neutral tones throughout a room can be paired with bold chandelier shade colors. However, if there are already strong dominant tones, such as reds, throughout the room, it may be best to look for more understated colors for a chandelier. Many chandeliers that are available with metallic and neutral tones can fit a variety of room tones.

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