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Designing The Perfect Doggie Suite For Your Canine Children

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When you are a dog parent, you know that your dogs are as precious to you as if they were your own children. Because of this, you want to make your home as pet-friendly as possible. In this spirit, you may have decided to design a room or area of the house to be their doggie suite where all of their canine dreams can come true. Before you call an interior decorator (such as one from Nugent's Interiors & Upholstery Co.) to help you turn this project into a reality, get to know some of the ways that you can go about creating the ideal room that is just for your dogs to enjoy.  

Design or Buy Furniture That Is Easy For Your Dogs To Access

No matter how big or small your dogs are, there will come a time in their lives where jumping up on beds and couches that are standard height will become difficult, if not impossible, for them. As such, when you are choosing the furniture to put in your doggie suite, you will want to choose options that are easy to access no matter what stage of life and health your dogs are in.

Sofas and couches designed for young children are a cheap and easy way to furnish your doggie suite. Be sure that you use comfortable and soft fabrics so that your dog will want to curl up and take a nap on the furniture.

If you are more ambitious, you and your interior designer can create your own dog sofas and beds. If, for example, you have multiple dogs, you may want to create some pseudo bunk beds for you dogs to enjoy. This can be accomplished by building easy-to-climb pet steps up to the upper levels of the pet bed tower. Of course, if you have multiple levels, keep safety in mind on the top bunk and install guard rails to keep your dogs from jumping off the top.

Keep Their Toys, Food, and Leashes All In Their Suite

The perfect way to help your dogs use their doggie suite to the fullest is to make it the central hub of operations for all of your dog's favorite items. This means that you will want to keep their toys, food, and leashes all in the room when not in use.

You can actually create built in dog dishes for food and water alone the wall or counter space in your doggie suite for ease of access for you and your dogs. These dishes can be all located along the same wall, or if you have dogs who prefer privacy while they eat, you can create separate feeding cubbies for each of your dogs. These cubbies can be designed any way you want but should not be too confining for your dogs so they are not afraid of them. 

They can be as simple as a stable-like design with wooden doors that swing open and closed but are just tall enough for your dog not to leap over. The closed doors will allow them to eat their food in peace, but the open top of the design will keep your dog from feeling trapped or confined as if they were in a kennel or crate.

Toys and leashes can be kept hanging on the walls for easy access, in their own special toy chests and boxes, that your dog can access themselves, and even scattered around the room for a free and fun environment for your canine pal.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to design the perfect doggie suite for your canine children, you can get started in creating the perfect indoor oasis for your dogs.