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Fighting Two Common Signs of Carpet Wear

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The right carpet can transform the look of your room. If you don't care for it properly, though, it can end up looking worn and neglected. Before you invest in that new carpet for your home, make sure you know some of the most common issues that most homeowners struggle with and how to avoid them. With the tips here, you can combat some of the most frequent issues that lead to unsightly carpets, keeping your new carpets looking fantastic for years to come.

Imprints and Dents

It is almost impossible to avoid dents and imprints in carpeting. From furniture to feet, daily use of carpeting can lead to these marks. This is of particular concern if you've got thick carpeting. Rearrange the furniture frequently to help keep the pressure from focusing in one single spot for too long.

When you move the furniture, take care to vacuum over the space where the furniture used to be, going over the indents in the carpet carefully. The suction of the vacuum will help draw some of the fibers out. Then, use a carpet cleaner with a hot water extraction setting. This will rake the carpet fibers and force them to stand upright again. If there is any residual indent left after this, draw a manual carpet rake across those specific areas to clear it up.

Reversing Carpet Fibers

Fiber reversal is most common following an extraction cleaning, and it occurs because the cleaning process pulls the carpet fibers upward. As the carpet gets older, the fibers may start to shift their position. So, the extraction tool can pull the fibers too far in the wrong direction. Where that happens, you'll see darker spaces on the carpet.

This is a fairly simple issue to combat. You can use the extraction cleaner a second time, making an effort to draw the machine in the proper direction. This will typically redirect those worn fibers. Alternatively, a carpet rake will help to shift their position. Depending on how worn the fibers are, you may not be able to completely eliminate this problem. Instead, these efforts may just reduce the appearance of the spots.

Understanding these two common carpet issues can help you to avoid some of the wear and tear that leave carpets looking dingy and neglected. This will help you get the most from your new carpet investment. If your current carpets already suffer from this problem or are otherwise damaged, consider investing in new carpeting. Talk to a professional like National Carpet Mill Outlet for more information.