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7 Interior Decorating Projects That Your Kids Will Approve Of

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Do something around your home that piques the kids' curiosity; consider interior decorating projects that your kids will want to participate in and show-off to their peers.

Seven interior decorating projects that your kids will approve of are:

  1. Modern art groupings. Your kids will love these unique picture frame groupings; simply remove the backing and glass from an assortment of your favorite frames. Give the empty frames a quick coat of paint or other decorative touches to create cohesion. Hang the frames, at least three or more, on an accent wall for an eye-catching modern display.
  2. See-through storage solutions. Use see-through storage jars and vessels to hold collections like toy cars, buttons, or other small items; line them up on a shelf for a tidy and intriguing accent in any room. The jars create an aesthetically-appealing accent while also keeping your small stuff organized.
  3. Motivational murals and messages. Create an inspirational message mural on a common wall to motivate your family each day. Collaborate with your kids to decide what message to stencil and paint on the wall, and have your child help you pick or change messages routinely.
  4. Plenty of poufs. If you want to add some extra-comfy, casual seating, go with overstuffed poufs, beanbags, or other seating alternatives. These simple seats will warm-up any room and kids, especially, will want to use these fun accents. Want to make your own poufs with your kids? Follow online tutorials to create these squishy balls of comfort for your own home.
  5. Prints and patterns. Did you know that prints hide stains? Recruit your children to help you and use ink stamps to decorate plain or stained curtains, panels, valances, or bedsheets. Simply add the stamp on the damaged portions of your fabric and add a few extra details to create your newly-printed textile. This is a great way to bring new life to old linens.
  6. Frame it all. Create one-of-a-kind art by framing your child's pictures, paintings, homework, and other mementos. Don't let these get packed-away and potentially damaged over the course of time; use these to create an interesting accent wall of achievements and mementos that your child will definitely approve of!
  7. De-clutter. Another impactful project that your kids can help with is to de-clutter the nooks and crannies of the house. Clean and clear your rooms for a tag sale or donate the items to a worthy group or organization in your area. This is a good message to send children and also reinforces the need to periodically de-clutter and get rid of excess stuff.

Try these seven suggestions for interior decorating projects that your kids will approve of. Visit home improvement retailers and crafting stores to find picture frames for sale and what you need to do something inventive with your interiors.